Creativity is intelligence having fun - Albert Einstein

Experts in Digital Education.

We develop and design Digital Assets. We don’t gamify training, we edufy the game.

We owe our success to our research and training results, we employ neural reconditioning to all our training programs and platforms. The ROI of training lies in the measurement and application of what is learned, making this is essential. The system and process is a custom approach. We consult to connect with your development needs then create the strategy before starting to build your platform in this precise fashion.





 VR, AI, and gamification processes are the next – and very real, achievable – steps forward in terms of business development. Human generations after the 1980s largely grew up surrounded by the ever-growing climate of online gaming, digitization, virtual reality spheres, and artificial intelligence rapidly becoming less artificial, and more intelligent. As the internet and online worlds expand further, and begin to ‘bleed’ into physical reality, the need for interactive media and creating testable spaces – with imagination being the only limitation – becomes the only way for businesses to thrive, by crafting such spaces for themselves and to implement these technologies to stay in the game.

When we gamify training content we connect with the way the world is moving. Rewarding progression with a theme, to edu-fy the experience.


This refers to our live, in person training and development courses. These are are usually in groups. One-on-one sessions are booked from successful applications.

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eLearning was cool however blended digital education is the only way forward. We are helping organizations make this transition through a custom approach per client.

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Everybody is born a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. Albert Einstein

In a fast-paced and rapidly changing world, 7th Center provides products, customized to each client’s requirements, that will enable you, your staff and organization to run at 100% efficiency. Whether you are looking for: basic skills training, upskilling or management level courses, 7th Center was founded with the vision of illuminating ‘the genius’ in all our constituents in order to optimize any work-force.

All 7th Center members bring a wealth of experience across varying industries, with a specialized focus on the banking and call centre sectors. We bring more than 50 years of learning development experience, and in the spirit of keeping up in a fast-paced world, all our training content is available for digitization.

What sets 7th Center’s programs apart from others on offer, is that all our courses and training packages are combined with our personalized course in neural alchemy, the foundation upon which everything else in life is built. By infusing this into our programs, we create an awareness of the self and the world in which it functions. This enables the individual to feel empowered, leading to better decision making and inevitably, to greater productivity in the workplace.

Our sole purpose is to drive your organization to its optimum. With this objective in mind, our courses are tailor-made to ensure our client’s specific business needs are met. We pride ourselves on our ground-breaking initiatives and consistently strive to pioneer the field of training and development.


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