By 2019, the video will be responsible for 80% of the internet traffic around the world.

This opens the door to the integration of the video platforms, social learning, and video learning in the courses using authorized tools.

We are a training & development company that went digital. It went so well, other companies started buying our system and using us for converting content from live training to video-based courses. So here we are today.

eLearning Providers give you software, we create the customized platform for your organization, convert content and assessments to create your Custom Digital Solution.


  • User Friendly & Support
  • Integration
  • Mobile Learning
  • Blended Learning
  • Assessments to Measure competency and understanding
  • Secure (IP & Access)
  • Reporting & Tracking
  • E-Commerce Capability
  • Diverse Format for content delivery
  • Automated communication tools
  • Modern architecture that can support integration with other systems


  • Reduce staff attrition rate
  • Improve the overall training quality of your organisation 
  • Uniform international training content (Key in Franchise-like businesses)
  • Automated communications ensure neural reconditioning
  • Position Your company eLearning platform as a Key Staff Benefit – Employer Branding 

Our process is to get to know YOUR brand and objective for YOUR digital platform. Some clients use it to convert their training or coaching business to digital, while others use it to standardize their national training. Establishing these objectives are important as we put “behavior” into our build to ensure the system is user-friendly for your staff.

This is not designed to replace human training, but rather to automate the verbatim parts of training, quantify learning and continually grow the organization’s intellectual standard.