VR and Gamification are the next generation in the evolution of business development. Generations after the 1980’s have actively engaged in gaming, so why not meet your employees on that playing field.

With advances in gaming technology, you can now very effectively engage with your employees in a manner that is entertaining, immersive and thus making the content very relevant.

Interactive Video

Video for learning & development

“When Microsoft made the switch from classroom training to video learning, per-employee costs on those events dropped from $320 to just $17

How often do you view a YouTube video to learn something that helps you do your job? Once a month? Once a week? Daily?
Research has shown that half of all employees view YouTube videos for work-related information at least once a week. Even more strikingly, nearly a quarter of them do so daily. The cognitive science behind the benefits of video learning isn’t new; people tend to learn best when concepts are conveyed visually, and most of us comprehend abstract concepts better by watching demonstrations.”

VR Learning

For truly immersive learning experiences

Very shortly after Virtual Reality was successfully rolled out into the market place, it moved to training as we are visual creatures. This technoligy has been at the forefront of companies for years.

Online Assessments

Visually engaging assessments

You could build your assessment in one interactive video. Our interactive videos and images collect the results for the assessor. You can view more examples below: