Interactive Video Learning

Research has shown that half of all employees view YouTube videos for work-related information at least once a week. Even more strikingly, nearly a quarter of them do so daily

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The cognitive science behind the benefits of video learning isn’t new; people tend to learn best when concepts are conveyed visually, and most of us comprehend abstract concepts better by watching demonstrations.”

Interactive Videos

Interactive videos are born out of the pursuit to make elearning content consumption engaging. Gone are the days where a learner would just passively consume elearning content. 

Rise of Non-linear Storytelling

The concept is pretty neat – non-linear storytelling by the way of videos, where the viewer is required to complete each step before moving on BUT within a video instead of a system.

Mobile Learning

The digital learners of the present day have their smartphones by their side all the time. The smartphone is interactive, the internet is interactive and so are the devices connected to it. 


Capturing Learners’ Attention

With the wealth of information available today, people are struggling to consume traditional content. As the information overload keeps burying the learner deep into the buzz of useless content, we’ve tried to provide a way where traditional passive content would be converted into an engaging and interesting experience. The immersive learning experience of interactive videos not only captures, but also keeps the audience’s attention in ways the usual traditional videos don’t always succeed in doing.


Reports and Analytics

This feature empowers the instructional designers and training managers to discover new insights by delving deeper into the learner’s data. The reporting and analytics provision is simple to use and gives you the information you require to measure the return on investment. 


Engages Learner in Real Time

Interactive videos engage the learners in real time. One more aspect of these videos is that the user participation that can be tracked in real time again. This is possible because the video won’t move ahead if the viewer does not answer the interactions present in the videos. As a result, the LMS admin gets to view and track, what part of the audience is at what stage in the learning process. Bottomline, the learner can’t simply play the video and go for a ride around the town. He has to stay there, else his curricula will never get completed.

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