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“When Microsoft made the switch from classroom training to video learning, per-employee costs on those events dropped from $320 to just $17

How often do you view a YouTube video to learn something that helps you do your job? Once a month? Once a week? Daily? 
Research has shown that half of all employees view YouTube videos for work-related information at least once a week. Even more strikingly, nearly a quarter of them do so daily. The cognitive science behind the benefits of video learning isn’t new; people tend to learn best when concepts are conveyed visually, and most of us comprehend abstract concepts better by watching demonstrations.”

“Video Killed the Radio Star”

We know that video outperforms other content but doesn’t replace the human element in training. 

“Learning and development, human resources, corporate communications, and other leaders responsible for improving learning and communication within their organizations have been using video for years because it’s a proven, powerful medium. And with video tools and technologies that now make it easier to produce, share, and search video content, a majority of companies are using video to support learning and communications more than ever before”.


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