Custom built Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems are used to maintain online collaboration over the internet. Colleges and companies use them to deliver online training; corporates use them for training purposes, as well as for maintaining employee records.

Learning Techniques 

The main objective of Learning Management Systems is to enhance the learning process.

Our LMS includes a performance management system which encompasses employee appraisal, competency management, and skill gap analysis. Different levels for different individuals.


Recent studies show gamification to increase information intake by 30%.

Coding experts

Custom developed LMS. Our systems are designed to take the candidate through a learning journey. 


We work with multiple languages for easy integration and AI capabilities.

UX Design

We pride ourselves with our unique user experience.


Functions to set goals for groups & individuals. 

Pre-built lessons

We can work with your team to pre-build and deploy your courses. 

Online Academy

Your academy can be fully digital or a blended approach between classroom / online. 


Information is gathered on all activities for accurate reporting.

Become a leader in the online learning industry.

Take your business to the next level by offering custom training & learning solutions. Universities & schools can save time & money with a custom built LMS.

Learn by Doing

Ability to deliver engaging and motivating training.

This is a fact that each individual learns in a unique manner. If you apply different learning approaches, they increase your success rate. LMSs help in communication and balance the whole system.

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