Revolutionising the landscape of the training and development world, 7th Center proudly presents a service whereby your organization, at macro and micro level is transformed to perform at its optimum, directly driving the organization’s goals and strategic objectives.

“Increase and enhance your employee performance. Deploy and manage learning content combined with tracking all staff development with ease.”


Learning Management System

We facilitate a variety of content delivery mechanisms to track employee engagement, behavior and understanding, grooming through continuous training and development seamlessly.

Client Customization

We have made the learning journey fun, engaging and immersive to engage all the senses for a more holistic learning experience. A process where you have an input to your employee learning, your course creation and your content development.

Course Content

We have given you the option of choosing from our courses already created or have full input to creating your own content to stimulate your learning, training and development.


User Friendly & Support
Mobile Learning
Blended Learning
Assessments to Measure competency and understanding
Secure (IP & Access)
Reporting & Tracking
E-Commerce Capability
Diverse Format for content delivery
Automated communication tools
Modern architecture that can support integration with other systems


Reduce staff attrition rate
Improve the overall training quality of your organisation
Uniform international training content (Key in Franchise-like businesses)
Automated communications ensure neural reconditioning
Position Your company eLearning platform as a Key Staff Benefit – Employer Branding

Competitive pricing models –

Easy, Accessible and Reasonable

What does our LMS facilitate in your business?

  • Content Management with ease and speed, regardless of the scale factor.
  • Assessment Tools to build competence linking skills to roles, increasing performance.
  • Immersive Learning Experience designed for increased motivation and engagement for higher rates of retention.


Enhance the performance of your work-force efficiently to improve your bottom-line.

Our offering:

   1.  White-label LMS option
   2.  Ready made or custom content
   3.  Service, support and custom apps

SLA option
We can provide a day to day system admin and custom content creation for a low, fixed monthly fee.

Onsite Option
We can provide an onsite team available to walk staff through the functionality of the LMS for a low fixed fee, based on duration

Customization Option
Custom made apps, widgets and graphical dashboards solve specific business issues or needs. These options could be added pre-development or post-development as an option for an additional cost.


Our LMS standard features:

  • LMS designed for learner – Training Calendar, Blended Learning, Virtual Classroom Assessments, Self-Paced Development, Gamification with Leaderboards, Push Notifications, Online Forums, Coaching & Mentoring Rooms, Skill-Gap Assessments and Virtual Instructor Guide
  • LMS for the instructor with a Course Builder for making and delivering content in a blended learning environment. Compliant with all multi-media presentation and creation tools. Full control in the assessment process
  • LMS for Administrators – Fully customizable based on the access security assigned to the admin user by the Master Administrator
  • Mobile friendly, online – Fully responsive interface with all apps for Android and IOS
  • Built in Design – HR Statistics can be generated as reports
  • Built in Design – HR problems can be flagged before it becomes a real issue



Our process is to get to know YOUR brand and objective for YOUR digital platform. Some clients use it to convert their training or coaching business to digital, while others use it to standardize their national training. Establishing these objectives are important as we put “behavior” into our build to ensure the system is user-friendly for your staff.

This is not designed to replace human training, but rather to automate the verbatim parts of training, quantify learning and continually grow the organization’s intellectual standard.

Let’s chat about your LMS