Neural alchemy is a process by which we are able to align the personality and objectives of the individual to that of the organization, improving the approach and ultimately, productivity of the organization as a whole. Our approach is a holistic one, whereby we analyse the needs of the company in its entirety, while simultaneously providing real-time solutions to drive its efficiency.

In the words of John Donne, ‘no man is an island’, and it is through this approach that we create a developmental space in which individuals are made aware of themselves and how it is that they fit into the ‘bigger picture’ of your organization. We have found through our extensive research and experience, that this simple understanding makes a massive impact on the business’s day to day operations. The combination of understanding as well as being equipped with all the skills to feel fully competent in your role, allows the individual to grow in both self, and business confidence that directly influences and transforms the manner in which employees engage with their specific tasks, and the organization all-round.

Sales Automation Academy

Designed to increase sales performance via neural reconditioning. Everybody wanted to figure out the science of selling when the answer was in the science of people or human behaviour. We have combined all those years of sales training to draw out the most simplistic Sales Training there is today. Based on universal principles, with a keen focus on personal development rather than just skills, is the reason why this program always increases sales figures. Growing your business is growing your people.

Public Speaking - with VR Simulation

Neural Reboot

Neural Reprogramming
Stress Management
Emotional Communication
Absolute Goals

Communication Skills

Pro-Email – Fingertips control & respect
Active Listening – Allowing ammunition data for success
Verbal and non-verbal – Reading Body language and responding instead of reacting
Time – When to use which method
Emotional Guidance – Governing your actions

Multi-tasking Proficiency

Listening & Typing
Listening, Typing & processing data
Multitasking ability / range

Layers of multitasking – layers of learning and practice
Ink Thoughts
Time Management – Secret to Multitasking
Knowing when to dilute your attention is the key

Business Administration / Office Manager

Office Organisational skills
Office Management – Team and Tasks
System Proficiencies
Task Automation: Digitize Minutes (Convert to text) / Meetings (Virtual) / Content

An Absolute Goal

Thought Leader Academy

Develop | Mentor | Inspire

Operating over weekends so you can keep your job while you start your business

TLAe is an Academy where we teach and enable new entrepreneurs. People who have an idea and desire to start a business. We provide the full business startup solution and options to outsource marketing, to focus purely on doing what they love. Marketing and sales are the deciding factors in the success of a business. If you have clients, you can learn to manage them VS when you have a profitable idea and no clients. We teach people how to turn their profitable ideas into a business.

Process: Recruit, Train, coach, mentor, measure and lead.

The Life Alignment Method – Legacy Edition 


The Law of Attraction
Human Evolution
Re-programming your Mind
The basis of LAM: Direction and Resources

The Compass Assessment
What is an actual Goal?
Goal Purpose
How to determine a passion
The 10 Goal Laws
Beyond Action
The Point of Achievement
The Law of Allowance
Balance Arenas

The 3 Minds
How the mind thinks
How I ACCIDENTLY stand in my way
How to kill a thought
The Mind VS Brain
The Law of Allowance – Acceptance

Training your Focus
Creating More Time
Anti-stress Techniques
Your Workshop & Meditation

Knowledge is not power

Full Recap & Your Life Plan / Schedule